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Further services for Konica-Minolta multifunction printers

docuFORM now also offers a free app for Konica Minolta MFP devices which allows to check the status of the toner order directly on the display of the device.

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June 18, 2020

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„Service means seeing the whole business through the eyes of the customer.“ (Axel Haitzer)

With the docuFORM Service Info App, you can place information about the status of toner and consumables orders exactly where it is relevant and requested by the user. On the device itself.

docuFORM now also offers a free app for Konica Minolta MFP, with which the status of all orders can be checked directly on the device display. Calls to the service hotline or searching for materials that may have already been delivered, but may be in the process of being delivered, cost time and therefore money. The question of whether a toner order has already been placed or delivered is now answered with 2 clicks.

Screenshot of the Konica Minolta Service Info App

The following information is displayed:

  • Status of your order from shopping cart to delivery
  • Type of the ordered article
  • Item number
  • Quantity of the ordered articles
  • Order number
  • Order or delivery date
  • Information about your order, such as the tracking number of the shipment

In the "Info field" there is also the possibility to store the tracking URL of the shipping service provider in order to be able to track the shipment in the browser of the device at any time.

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Security standards through REST-API with OAuth 2.0 certification

The REST API is a standardized software interface that allows you to connect and interact with a cloud without having to open customer networks. It is considered the backbone of the Web and ensures platform independence and scalability.

Authentication is performed via an OAuth 2.0 security server without disclosure of access rights. The cloud responds exclusively and request-specific after checking the access authorization. At no time is the customer network "addressed" from outside.

Shop Module for Mercury Managed Print Services

To use the Service Info App, the optional Order Shop Module is required for the Mercury MPS solution. This offers you a product database with all manufacturer's specifications for consumables. This also includes information on mileage for the calculation of the coverage line and order numbers.

The user can decide within an order proposal list whether the identical toner is to be replaced or an alternative toner with modified mileage is to be selected by the system. The order itself can then be transferred digitally to ERP systems in a wide variety of formats. XML formats and a programming interface are available for this purpose. The customer can track his order at any time using a supplier note function.

Optimum time for toner replacement

Calculation of toner consumption by interpolation

You will lose money by replacing toner cartridges too early. The Mercury MPS system calculates the residual run time of your toner cartridge using specially developed algorithms. This saves you a cost efficient toner exchange taking into account the user behavior to determine the remaining time in days.

This analysis of the toner remaining quantities enables a refinement of the ordering rules and thus further cost reductions for the user. By using special mechanisms to eliminate incorrect messages, an optimal triggering of orders for consumables is guaranteed. The delivery cycle also includes delivery time, weekends or public holidays and operating reserves.

Graphical representation of the toner flow to calculate the ideal shipping day

The Service App will be available for all manufacturers step by step analogous to the docuFORM Follow"2"Print App.

Managed Print Services from docuFORM are one of the leading tools for professional fleet and service management. Due to the manufacturer independence, mixed and heterogeneous device parks can be managed in one software solution. Various modules offer you the possibility to map exactly the needs of your customer or your company.

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