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docuFORM Mercury MPS - fleet and service management

Online managing & monitoring a multi-vendor print infrastructure

Managed Print Services „MPS“

Managed Print Service

Mercury MPS is used for service control of comprehensive, vendor-independent device setup as well as automated supply of consumables.

„ Highlights “

Vendor neutral and independent MPS solution

Hosting of all MPS data in the in-house data center in Germany

Purchase and rental concepts for cost-effective operation - also on site

Mobile app for collecting MPS data (in preparation)

All service providers in the printing services environment are facing new challenges again and again today. At the same time, the printing systems are constantly increasing in functionality and complexity. In addition, there is an ever-increasing price pressure in the field of service costs on site and the consumables of the devices themselves. Therefore, a print service provider can not do without an optimal working MPS solution today, when it comes to staying competitive in the market.

As a result, the Mercury MPS solution is much more than just fleet management. The various interfaces within the MPS solution guarantee a complete embedding in the customer workflow. It does not matter if the solution is offered by the service partner (hosting) or if the customer himself runs the solution under his own direction.

In addition to the MPS basic version, the user can also operate additional modules so that the solution is suitable for both, micro-enterprises and large-scale installations with more than 100,000 printing systems per customer. These are:

  • Order shop as own ERP application incl. supplies - manufacturer databases.
  • Statistics and analysis module for long-term evaluations, as well as an expert system for detecting malfunctions and discrepancies in the devices themselves.
  • Contract module for the integration of commercial conditions of customer installations, as well as the management of device histories.
The analysis and contract module was developed together with the Compass Group, one of Europe's largest dealer association, which now manages more than 100,000 printing systems with the docuFORM MPS solution.

Fleet service maintenance

In addition to the individual MPS modules, large installations require comprehensive interfaces for embedding the solution in a higher-level workflow. These are:

  • Flexible device infrastructure import interface from asset systems as an alternative to device discovery on the network using Mercury MPS data collecting clients.
  • Flexible export interface for transferring meter readings, service and supply orders to subordinate ERP systems.
  • Comprehensive programming interface for customer applications
  • Import possibilities of device master data, order numbers and VB databases.

Monitoring Dashboard - MIB + Databases - Analyses - Ordering - Accounting

The other extremely important requirement for a cross-manufacturer MPS solution is also that the system can communicate optimally with all devices. The so-called MIB information of the devices themselves serve this purpose. This information is not firmly anchored in the MPS software. Rather, it is data that exists once in the docuFORM Cloud for each device and is maintained continuously. These will then be made available to the data collection clients worldwide, which will be able to update themselves continuously with the latest MIB information. The decisive advantage of this technology is that on-site data capture clients already validate the device data prior to transmission, which significantly relieves the actual MPS server. This guarantees system performance even in large installations and automates the process of maintaining device data.

The automatic deployment of the clients, as well as their remote updates, worldwide, belongs to the state of the art at docuFORM GmbH.

Significant development efforts were also made in the validation of the individual device data itself. Already at the beginning of MPS development in 2007, it quickly became clear that one could not always rely on the transferred values of the individual devices. Elaborate mathematical algorithms ensure exact long-term evaluation of device data. This is the only way to optimally determine the consumption data and thus to calculate the most cost-effective time to change the toner. The printing behavior of the user himself is also taken into account when calculating the optimal toner exchange time in days. This, too, exemplifies another unique selling point of the docuFORM MPS solution.

Consumption - Optimum Toner Shipping - Optimum Toner Exchange