Mercury HD SDS Device Management
DocuFORM hat HP SDS als einer der ersten vollständig in MPS-Lösung integriert

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HP SDS 2.0 Functions are fully integrated into Mercury

HP SDS 2.0 Device Management

HP SDS Devive Management

HP SDS "Smart Device Services" refers to manufacturer-specific extensions of device information for service-predictive measures that have been integrated into docuFORM MPS.

„ Highlights “

Enhanced MPS data for service anticipation through an HP KI Cloud

Full integration with the docuform MPS system

Reduction of service costs through preventive equipment maintenance

Increasing of cartridge coverage lowers ongoing operating costs

In addition to traditional MPS applications, many printer manufacturers now provide technologies that preemptively detect maintenance events, and provide additional device information to optimize service operations and reduce costs.

DocuFORM was one of the first companies to enter into a worldwide partnership with HP, in which HP docuFORM as MPS solution specialist provides preventive device information via a cloud mechanism as part of its Smart Device Services (SDS). The cooperation ensures that the processing of the information can be fully integrated into DocuFORM's MPS workflow. A useful addition to our manufacturer-independent system. As before, all MPS data is archived in our own computer center and the additional information is stored and managed in addition. Technically, the DocuFORM data collecting client integrates an HP plug-in that reports advanced information to the HP cloud. The forwarding of the device data is controlled for data protection reasons by DocuFORM according to the customer's specifications. HP evaluates the data to suggest preventative maintenance remotely. At the same time, the information is reported back to DocuFORM's MPS server and, like the previous data, it is evaluated and archived. Thus, a solution has been created, which not only offers the service provider on site all previous functions, but also provides extended information without losing its data sovereignty.

"Working with HP has inspired us from the beginning," says Martin Denk, President and CEO of DocuFORM. "The development teams work closely together. That way, we can also bring in the needs of our customers. "As part of HP's" SDS 2.0 "integration, partners have also been provided with additional service optimization features. For example, USB printers can also be processed. Pre-diagnosis and remote support shall also support the service partner and reduce the service costs on the device. Thus, in addition to the cost reduction, even with the same staffing level, more devices can be serviced.