Mercury Suite - Modulare Software Lösung
Mercury Suite

Mercury Suite: comprehensive software package for Document Management (DMS), Output Management (OMS) and Managed Print Services (MPS)

Technology and its unique features

Since 1986, docuFORM employees have been dealing with printing in a company. Originally, hardware-based controller solutions were used, on which various software components for print data processing have been implemented. Since 1996, the path to a global and modular print server architecture has been consistently and globally unparalleled treaded. Analogous to the pioneering achievements of NASA in space, docuFORM has since called its new product Mercury.

Today, Mercury, as a universal print middleware product, represents a vendor-independent and comprehensive solution for every company. However, the subject of printing is only a partial aspect of the overall solution, since today Mercury can also be used to map holistic workflow applications in a company.

Analogous to reaching for the stars, cloud solutions, concepts for data security as well as individual and tailor - made IT - Workfkow solutions are available today.

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Essentially, the Mercury Suite consists of the following modules, which can be used individually or in combination:

This end-to-end concept of the Mercury Suite as a cross-vendor solution is unique on the world market. Only through this comprehensive product portfolio can highly complex requirements be implemented in companies. At the same time, using Mercury as a strategic workflow solution means decoupling any kind of hardware dependency in the enterprise.

Increases in efficiency, cost optimization and, above all, investment protection are the result.