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BC-XOM provides external output management systems (OMS) with an open, generic interface to the SAP NetWeaver
Mercury Suite

Mercury Suite is SAP Certified - Integration with SAP NetWeaver

Mercury SAP Connection via BC/XOM Interface

SAP Schnittstelle

Mercury OMS has a certified SAP BC/XOM interface for secure, end-to-end and bi-directional communication between the SAP application and any printing system.

„ Highlights “

Certified SAP BC / XOM interface

Bidirectional communication for secure printing

Follow "2" Print Integration with central user administration

Form and barcode modules for enriching SAP user data

The SAP BC / XOM interface enables direct, secure printing from SAP systems via the Mercury Output Management System to the output device. The communication between the individual instances is secured and bidirectional. Thus, the user sees within his SAP application the status of his print jobs within the Mercury queue, as well as all necessary printer statuses.

Thus, all requirements for a secure printing from the SAP world are given. At the same time, Mercury can now be used directly in the entire printing environment of SAP applications in addition to the classic host and AFP / IPDS applications. It also significantly extends the range of application of the Mercury DMS solution.

docuFORM Mercury Suite. SAP Certified – Integration with SAP NetWeaver

Another key advantage of the Mercury SAP interface is the fact that all other modules within the Mercury solution are used directly within the framework of this connection, based on the modular structure of Mercury Systems itself. Thus, among others, an SAP print job within the Mercury system can be passed directly to a Follow "2" Print queue. The user can then pick up his print job via the PIN code on the device or via his RFID card. In the SAP interface itself, the respective work steps are reported back and made visible to the user.

The direct connection to the Mercury barcode or form modules is also possible. Ultimately, it creates a unique workflow between proven Mercury technology and the SAP XOM interface - undoubtedly a unique selling proposition of the Mercury solution.

The SAP / XOM interface in connection with the Mercury DMS modules

The Mercury Document Management solution was first introduced to the market in 1998. Originally, the Mercury server has been used as a mere conversion solution from non-compliant print data to standardized output formats. Designed to meet a wide range of customer needs and installations, the Mercury product has evolved to become a complete DMS / OMS solution. The strength of the Mercury concept is its modular design.

Thus, the Mercury SAP BC / XOM interface represents another module in the success story of Mercury DMS. This new module can access and use all the features of the entire Mercury solution. Essentially, among others, those subsequent modules are directly available within the modular Mercury system:

  • Streaming Mode

    Secure printing including printjob monitoring right up to the output device

  • Barcode Modul

    Any barcodes can be generated "on the fly" and without explicit control commands and positioned on the print page as desired.

  • Follow“2“Print Functionality

    Print data, generated via SAP, can be retrieved directly via "pin code" or RFID cards, on the output device. At the same time, bidirectional communication with the SAP host is retained. Corresponding statuses are provided in the SAP GUI.

  • Accounting

    All SAP print data can be collected and processed through the Mercury Accounting module. This creates a direct transparency to the respective printing costs.

  • PDF Workflow

    Likewise, the SAP print data itself can be processed by other conversion modules. By the, among others, conversion of print data to PDF, archiving interface or automatic e-mail transmission via PDF can be implemented.

How the Mercury SAP BC/XOM Interface Works