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NextGen Framework
Classic Mercury

Global Follow"2"Print

The app solution for worldwide pull printing with your Classic Mercury solution

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Distribute print jobs to colleagues worldwide

Share"2"Print lets you hand out your print jobs to your colleagues from anywhere in the world.

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The cross-manufacturer orientation of the entire Mercury Suite offers you, especially with Follow"2"Print, the freedom to output your print jobs on any device without having to worry about drivers or compatibility.

Print data stays on site

All data contained in your print jobs will remain on your Classic Mercury server at your site. The app only receives the information necessary to output the job to the desired printer and then initiates the output.

Implementation even without Cloud

All functions offered by the Follow "2 print app can be implemented without the cloud. Print jobs remain on your server and are controlled via the app. You can continue to use your existing infrastructure and expand its capabilities with state-of-the-art functions.


Distribute your print jobs via the app to a colleague so that he or she can pick up the job at an output device of his or her choice. The job remains on your Mercury server, just add a new user authorized to pick up the job. The new user will be automatically notified by email that a job is ready for pickup.

QR-Code Scan

Select your desired output device simply by scanning the QR code on the device. Select your print job in the app and output it directly to this printer. This function also allows all devices without a display to be integrated into the secure pull-print workflow.


With the integration of REST-Api, your Classic Mercury* solution can now take advantage of features that would normally require a cloud. The communication is controlled by the OAuth server under the latest security aspects.

*Mercury V11 with an IIS web server is required to use the REST API.

Available for iOS & Android

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