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Mercury Suite

Tool for document creation for dynamic data printing with WYSIWYG editor

Atlas Form Designer

Atlas Formular Designer

With Atlas as a WYSIWYG editor, you can create multiple forms to format various raw data such as XML and output rule-based data for printing at any system.

„ Highlights “

Mercury-integrated document designer

Bidirectional communication from the data source to the printout

Set-actual comparison between layout result and real printout

Interactive drag-and-drop user interface

Module for dynamic forms processing

The processing of future-oriented formats is also possible with Mercury. This is done with the Atlas module, the "document composing tool". Mercury Atlas is another very important new pillar of docuFORM, a forms designer that allows you to fill variable documents with content using raw unformatted data.

These will then be output via the Mercury print server. Atlas can therefore be used to process and finally output unformatted legacy data from host environments, as well as state-of-the-art and up-to-date XML structures, mapped into documents.

Dynamic form editor & workflow

Mercury Atlas Workflow

In addition to various companies, Daimler AG has already opted for Atlas. Their recent development in the area of production application is delivering pages that are no longer formatted, only XML structures. These will be handed over to Mercury Atlas. In a one-time design process, the variable data is placed on dynamic forms. As a result, in real production printing, not only labels and barcodes, but also entire design drawings and vehicle data sheets, as well as all other production documents, can be printed dynamically and output variably using the Global Printer Interface.

Atlas Designer

place Data drag and drop

Form result with real data

Atlas is also a fully integrated solution in the Mercury workflow. On the input side, the raw data is always compared with the dynamically generated print pages for completeness. Only then will the data source be informed whether the raw data has been printed correctly. This is called bidirectional secure printing, again a unique feature of the Mercury Suite in conjunction with Atlas.