NEW VERSION: The Mercury MPS APP V2.0 is here!

What are Managed Print Services?

An MPS solution enables comprehensive management of all printing systems, on-site analysis of printing behaviour and just-in-time delivery of the required cartridge. The docuFORM MPS solution also enables interaction between MPS and other modules of the Mercury Suite. This allows not only optimal management of devices, but also workflow optimization in the printing area.

New! Device monitoring via Smartphone

Until now, the operation of a successful Managed Print Services solution required the installation of a capture client on site, which always required additional hardware. With the MPS acquisition client as a real app for iOS and Android, the classic acquisition client can now be dispensed with, especially for smaller installations.

Even if there are only a few printers or multifunctional devices in your office, law firm or practice, you can now take full advantage of a Managed Print Services solution without any installation or hardware effort. All you need is a smartphone with the docuFORM MPS App in the WLAN.

Screenshot of the filling level overview in the MPS App

Overview of toner levels, page counter and wear parts

All information about your printer can be found in the detail view in a clearly arranged display. In addition to the suply levels of the cartridges used, this also includes - depending on the device - the residual runtimes of the wear materials and residual toner containers. In addition, the level of the page counter is displayed directly for accurate accounting of print volumes and network identity information.

With the docuFORM MPS App, in addition to the information contained in the standard MIBs of your devices, you also receive the extended data of the Private MIBs, which contain additional manufacturer and device-specific information on the printing system.
SNMP MIBs are crucial for managing your network and understanding the underlying objects. A Management Information Base (MIB) contains information that is used to monitor, configure, and control a device connected to your network.

NEW: Automatic synchronization and push messages

The Android version updates the printer data on the MPS server automatically and in the background when the smartphone is on the same network. For iOS, this feature is not available due to the system.

In the future, the iOS version will remind you via push message of a required data transfer to the MPS Server and will start after only one click from you.

Display message about successful data synchronization
The automatic search easily finds the connected output devices in your network

Find your output devices easily with the automatic search function

To add printers to a site, the app offers an automatic search function that finds and lists all devices in your network via an SNMP query. You do not need any IT knowledge but simply select the printer(s) from the found printers that should be monitored by the MPS app and add them to the site.

In addition, you can manually add devices located on a subnet, for example, by entering the IP address or IP range you want to have searched.

The docuFORM MPS App supports the SNMP protocols V1 and V2.

New location management

If you only want to manage one or a few printers, you can do so directly in the My Printers view without a location.

Or organize your printers in the app by location - just like in real life.

Create different locations to get an even easier overview of your printers. For example, you can group them for each branch of your business, your office and home office, or the individual treatment rooms in your practice.

You can name your locations as you wish and add the devices you want to monitor at that location. If needed, you can move printers between locations.

Create and monitor multiple sites. Move printers between sites as needed.
docuFORM MPS App uses OAuth2.0

Data protection and security

REST-API is a standardized software interface that allows you to connect and interact with the cloud. It is considered the backbone of the web and ensures platform independence and scalability. Authentication takes place via an "OAuth 2.0" security server without disclosure of access rights.

As a matter of principle, customer networks may not be opened in the context of the implementation of cloud services, therefore communication may take place without exception via the secure interfaces corresponding to the worldwide standard. Active communication from outside into a customer network is not permitted.

The docuFORM cloud answers exclusively and request-specific after checking the access authorization. The customer network is never "addressed" from outside at any time.

The docuFORM GmbH hosts in own data centers and develops all products itself at locations in Germany. The app only collects the data of the print or multifunctional system that is important for the management of a print environment; personal data or user information is always excluded.

Central management and evaluation of your data with docuFORM Mercury MPS

Mercury Managed Print Services gives you transparency and control over your print , helping you to save money and increase productivity.

The print management software also supports you

  • to improve the environmental balance of your company
  • to simplify processes, such as reordering consumables
  • to optimize the total cost of managing your printers

With the MPS App from docuFORM, smaller businesses or companies with only a few printers can now enjoy the benefits of professional fleet management software without having to install a data capture client or even operate a print server. The necessary IT infrastructure is located in the cloud.

Use the professional audit tool of the docuFORM Mercury Suite to organize page-accurate accounting, the allocation of print volumes to cost centers or an automated reordering of toner. By monitoring your devices, you can quickly detect if a fault occurs on one of your devices.

Learn more about the Mercury MPS Module

Overview of toner consumption in Mercury MPS

Download the docuFORM MPS APP

The Mobile MPS App from docuFORM is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices.

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Download the User Guide for the docuFORM MPS App with step-by-step instructions.


To log in to the app, your user account must be enabled to use the REST API. Please contact your docuFORM MPS partner for the necessary data to register in the App.